The Egyptian organization for human rights (EOHR) condemns the storming of the Journalists Syndicate

May 2nd, 2016 by Editor

The Egyptian organization for human rights (EOHR) condemns the storming of the Journalists Syndicate

EOHR expresses its deep concern towards the incident of the storming of the journalist syndicate, occurred on Sunday 1/5/2016, for the first time in the history of the Egyptian journalists’ syndicate as two journalists were arrested within the syndicate. EOHR confirmed that using such practices will elevate the state of tension in the Egyptian streets.

Sunday night, the police forces broke into the journalists’ syndicate -as the first historic precedent- and arrested two journalists “Amr Badr” and “Mahmoud Al Saqa” were arrested and taken to an unknown destination[1] during their sit-in – that objecting the raid by the police forces to their houses- within the syndicate. As the higher state security prosecution office issued an arrest warrant for inciting demonstrations in the “Friday of land”.

Furthermore, EOHR confirms that the storming of the journalists’ syndicate is considered to be inconsistent with the law no. 76/1970 of the mentioned syndicate.

In addition to what mentioned above the Article no. 70 states that “The headquarters, premises and office buildings that belong to the Journalist Syndicate and sub-syndicates may not searched or sealed, unless through a representative of the Public Prosecution, and in the presence of the Captain Journalist or the chairperson of the respective sub-syndicate, or the representative thereof.”

Also, Article 71 stated that “The Journalist Syndicate and sub-syndicates shall reserve the right to access a copy of the court judgments and rulings issued against a journalist, as well as copies of the legal proceedings and investigations conducted with the respective journalist, on a free-of- charge basis.”

In this context, EOHR believes that the journalists play a very dynamic role in establishing the rules and principles of democracy and good governance. Accordingly there is no way to impair this role however it must be reinforced by creating an atmosphere conductive to the pursuit of its message whether to transform the different opinions or raising the citizens’ awareness of their essential rights and duties.

EOHR calls for the immediate release of all the arrested journalists who charged with demonstrations’ cases

On his Part, Abu Seada –president of EOHR- has criticized the storming of the syndicate as one of the pulpits of the freedom of expression and uncovering the truth before the public opinion. Accordingly it must be inviolable and provided with the full protection.

Upon which, Abu Seada calls for a quick investigation regarding this case along with guaranteeing an official safeguards of any violation or any prevention of practicing its role.


[1] During the translation process of this statement the two defendants were presented before the attorney- general and were sentenced 15 days pending investigation.

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