World Press Freedom Day The Egyptian organization for human rights calls for guaranteeing press freedom and independence

May 3rd, 2016 by Editor

World Press Freedom Day

The Egyptian organization for human rights calls for guaranteeing press freedom and independence

On the anniversary of the world press freedom day EOHR believes that the press field is still suffering from a lot of hardships and obstacles .As the last one was the incident of storming the journalists’ syndicate to arrest two of the journalist which are called “Amr Badr”-Editor in-chief, January gate- and “Mahmoud Al Saqa”- journalist, January gate- and this incidents is considered to be the first historic precedent in the syndicate’s history which is in a flagrant violation to the freedom of  opinion and expression and also implies a gloomy future of the freedom of expression and press freedom during the coming period.

Notably,  on Tuesday the third of May 2016 the world is celebrating the world press freedom day which was declared by the United Nations General Assembly under its decision no. 48/423 of 1993 after its adoption by the UNESCO general conference 1991 that chosen the third of May of each year to be the world press freedom day.

Moreover, the journalism in Egypt is facing lots of challenges and violations by arresting the journalists because of their opinions and others were sentenced to prison. All those violations are continuing regardless the 25th and 30th revolutions which were calling for freedom and justice.

Therefore, EOHR believes that in the annual anniversary of the press freedom it’s crystal clear that the press freedom in Egypt didn’t witness any tangible progress or concrete development over the past year. On the contrary, the journalism witnessed a marked deterioration either by arresting the journalists or presenting them to the general prosecution.

Accordingly, EOHR calls for a quick and general improvement of the status of the freedom of expression in Egypt through releasing all the journalists that were arrested due to their political opinions and views. Plus modifying the legislative structure on the freedom of opinion and expression as the legislative environment organizing the freedom of journalism didn’t witness any amendments especially in the Acts no. 96/1996 the Press and Publications Act, act no. 20/1936, the prohibition of using or publishing of official documents, the census Act no.35/1960 and Act no. 313/1956 amended by 14/1967 on the prohibition of publishing any information concerning the Egyptian Armed forces.

In this context, EOHR calls for a necessary guarantee and respect to the freedom of journalism through amending the legislative structure organizing the press activities in Egypt along with setting code of honor to the duties and rights of  journalists to ensure their freedom and prevent any violation or restriction.

On his part, Hafez Abu Seada –President of EOHR- confirmed that the freedom of journalism is considered to be a great indicator on the freedoms and rights inside any country. Consequently, the freedom of journalism must be guaranteed and protected as well as the freedom of journalists and their rights that were mentioned and guaranteed under the Egyptian constitution and the international conventions on human rights.

Furthermore, Abu Seada added that in light of the anniversary of the World Press Freedom Day the Egyptian government should ensure and respect the freedom and independence of the journalists and setting a professional context organizing the Media to perform its role of exchanging different opinions and opening dialogues among the citizens and to be a real indicator on the government’s performance.


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