The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) condemns the accident of targeting the security patrol of Helwan

May 8th, 2016 by Editor

The anti-terrorism observatory

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) condemns the accident of targeting the security patrol of Helwan

The Egyptian Organization for human rights(EOHR) expresses its deep condemnation over the terrorist bloody incident occurred on Sunday 5/8/2016 that led to the martyrdom of  8 police men including a detective associate of Helwan police station as a result of  the armed attack by anonymous on a police car at Helwan corniche .

Consequently, EOHR calls for a quick arrest of the offenders and being brought to justice. EOHR confirms that such terrorist incidents threaten the human rights principles in Egypt and it’s also considered as a violation to the human rights and freedoms adopted by the international covenants on human rights especially the right to life, right to personal security and Right to freedom of movement.

Notably, at the early morning of the past Sunday a group of policemen of Helwan police station dressed in plain-clothes were checking the security situation in Helwan district by microbus belonging to their police station. During their patrol in ‘Omar Ebn Abd Al Aziz’ street a group of unknowns blocked their road using a lorry four of them stepped out of the lorry and opened the fire on the policemen then fled which resulted in the martyrdom of a detective’s associate and 7 policemen:

Mohammed Hamed, Police Captain

Ahmed Hamed police corporal

Dawood Aziz, police corporal

Ahmed Al Marzoq, police corporal

Saber Al Araby, police corporal

Saber Abu Nady, police corporal

Ahmed Ghareb, police corporal

EOHR extend its most heartfelt condolences to all family members of the victims of that incident confirming that what happened is a brutality that violates the right of those victims to life guaranteed under the international conventions on human rights including Article no.3 of the international declaration on human rights and Article no 6 of the international covenant on the political and civil rights. EOHR call on the Egyptian authorities to counter the hotbeds of terrorism by taking quick practical steps and intensifying the existence of the security forces and protecting the citizens and the other facilities and reinforcing the principles of human rights.

EOHR stresses on the necessity of improving the professional performance of the policemen in Egypt and using the latest technological evidentiary and investigation tools to gather the information that prevent the occurrence of such brutal incidents.

EOHR reaffirms that Egypt is striving to eradicate the terrorist roots that trying to disturb our nation peace and security.

On his part, Hafez Abu Seada –President of EOHR-confirmed that these criminal practices contravene/are contrary to all the divine religions that called for the protection of human rights and prohibited any violations to those rights. Those practices also violate the international law on human rights.

Moreover, Abu seada stressed that the consolidation of the international and governmental efforts-on the global, regional, bilateral levels- is needed to uproot the terrorism along with its extremist ideology.










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