The Egyptian Organization for human rights (EOHR) calls for closing the file on the case of NGOs’ foreign funding

August 16th, 2016 by Editor

The Egyptian Organization for human rights (EOHR) calls for closing the file on the case of NGOs’ foreign funding

On Monday 15/8/2016 Cairo criminal court had ordered the confiscation of 7 personas’ property: Gamal Eid and Hossam Bahgat and their families and Abd Al Hafez Tael, Bahi Al Din Hasan , Mostafa Al Hassan and Mostafa Mahmoud till the end of the ongoing investigation in 17 September on the charge of receiving a foreign funding from the external donors  by more than $1.5 Million which is a breach of the provisions of the Egyptian law.

Accordingly, the delegated judge from the Cairo Appeals court had seized the cash and properties of Hossam Bahgat, Gamal Abd Al Aziz Eid –Lawyer- and the other two along with their families and minor children based on the preliminary investigations in the foreign fund case and the court session was attended by Mr. Ahmed Abd Al Hafez –lawyer and the vice president of the EOHR- and Mr. Negad Al Bouree – Advocate of Cassation.

It’s worth mentioning that EOHR is following up the investigations conducted with the civil society activists from the beginning in the case no. 173/2011 which is known as the case of NGOs’ foreign funding.

Therefore, EOHR expresses its deep concern on restricting the human rights’ activists which is considered to be a clear violation to the right to peaceful assembly and association and the freedom of expression and opinion guaranteed under the international covenants on human rights(ICCPR).

Additionally, EOHR calls on the government to drop the ongoing investigations of this case and to amend the Civil Associations and Institutions Act No. 84 of 2002 in order to build a new contractual relationship among the civil institution, civil society organizations and the government based on the respect of the Constitutional principles and laws and the international covenants on human rights (ICCPR).

Moreover, Hafez abu seada- president of EOHR- confirmed that the civil society organizations played an undoubtable and sensitive role in the political and democratic reformation phase and carried the reform flag for the establishment of a democratic society based on the respect of human rights and freedoms.

Furthermore, Abu saed called for a quick enactment of a legislation organizing the civil activities and guaranteeing the freedom of civil society organizations in consistence with the international covenants on human rights such as ICCPR ratified by Egypt especially that this draft-law is already prepared in the ministry of social solidarity and it is awaiting a passing by the parliament.



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