The Anti-terrorism observatory condemns the terroristic incident in Sinai

October 15th, 2016 by Editor

The Anti-terrorism observatory condemns the terroristic incident in Sinai

The Anti-terrorism observatory expresses its deep condemnation concerning the terroristic incidents occurred in Sinai on the last Friday 15/10/2016 which caused the death of 12 draftee and other 6 were injured as a result of a shooting campaign on a military patrol in Al ma’ara ,Sinai by a group of extremists.

Consequently EOHR confirms that such incidents are considered to be a clear violation to the right to life which is the supreme right guaranteed and affirmed under the international covenants on human rights.

Moreover, EOHR confirms that the continuation of terrorist operations by this way will lead to the determination to fight terrorism as those extremist groups will increase the suffering of Sinai residents not only because their lives will be in danger but also because of the security consequences and restrictions following those terroristic operations.

Thus, EOHR calls upon the Egyptian government and the ministry of interior to take all the available procedures to arrest the perpetrators of this incident and bring them to justice to be an effective deferent to those who may think of committing such incidents.

On his part, Hafez Abu Seada – President of EOHR- believes that terrorism is an indication of an ideological shortage and inability of practicing politics using its legislative means which lead those perpetrators to use terrorism.

Additionally, Abu seada affirmed that all Egyptians must stand together to face this blind terrorism whether the government itself by respecting the rule of law and human rights or the CSOs or the civilians as  their efforts have to be united to eliminate this phenomenon.

Abu seada added hat the government should use all its tools to protect Egypt from the clutches of terrorism rejecting what was mentioned that the government practices are considered to be an interpersonal violence as he believes that those practices are reactions to those terroristic actions committed by the extremist groups against the right to life which is one of the fundamental human rights.

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