EOHR demands the alleviation of the surveillance penalty imposed on Ahmed Maher

January 12th, 2017 by Editor

EOHR demands the alleviation of the surveillance penalty imposed on Ahmed Maher


The Egyptian Organization for Human Right (EOHR) submitted a request to the prison authority of the ministry of interior, and the National council for Human Rights (NCHR) to change the form of surveillance penalty imposed on citizen and political activist Ahmed Maher Ibrahim Al Tantawi.

EOHR requested that these organs take all the needed administrative and legal measures to change the status of Mr. Maher’s surveillance as he has a permenant residence and adress in the district where the police station he is held up in is and that in accordance with law 99 of the year 1945 on the regulation of police surveillance of former convicts.

Mr. Maher served a 3 year prison sentence for holding a demonstration without a permit, and will also be subjected to another 3 years of police surveillance as stipulated by the verdict he recieved in court. In accordance with the court ruling Mr. Maher has to show up to his local police station on a daily basis and spend 12 hours in detention.

On the night of Wednesday the 11th, Mr. Maher was visited by Hafez Abu Seada president of EOHR, member NCHR along with Ahmed Abdel Hafiz the vice president of EOHR, Negad Al Bora’ai the president of the united group for legal consultations and other activitsts.

The delegation was recieved by the Director of Cairo Security Directorate Major General Khaled Abdel A’al and other senior officers from the ministry of interior, and they were very cooperative of our demands and concerns and granted many of them with regards to the enhancement of Mr. Maher’s detention conditions.

EOHR also seeks to reduce the frequency of Mr. Maher’s surveillance from being a daily procedure to a weekly one through the appropriate legal channels

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