EOHR deplores the prevention of Mr. Negad Al Boraa’i from traveling to Jordan

January 26th, 2017 by Editor

EOHR deplores the prevention of Mr. Negad Al Boraa’i from traveling to Jordan


The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) is deeply concered due to the secuirty forces decision to prevent well known lawyer and human rights defender Mr. Nedaad Al Boraa’i from traveling to Joradn to visit his wife and family.

EOHR believes that preventy Mr. Boraa’i from travel without valid reason is unconstitutional as 62 of the constitution stipulates that the right of free movement and travel cannot be restrcited without court order, and for a certain amount of time.

EOHR fears that such actions by the government violate the right to freedom and security, and constitute a transgression of Mr. Boraa’i’s freedom and security.

International human rights law gurantees the right to freedom in all its treaties and conventions, And specially emphasized in articles 3, 5 and 9 of the universal declaration for human rights, as well as the international convention on civil and political rights.

EOHR demands that laws limiting freedom of movement and travel be ammended/

Hafez Abu Seada the president of EOHR stressed that international law makers have turned the right to travel and movement into an integral part of the right to freedom. He added that this right should not be harrased or violated with the exception of cases of criminal investigation ordered by the judiciary.


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