The Terrorism Observatory harshly condemns Sinai Mosque attack

November 25th, 2017 by Editor

The Terrorism Observatory harshly condemns Sinai Mosque attack

The Terrorism Observatory of The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) and the Arab Federation for Human Rights (AFHR) harshly condemns the terrorist attack that targeted worshipers at Al Rouda Mosque in the Beir Al Abd area near Arish in Northern Sinai. The attack that took place on November 24th left 305 people dead and over 100 injured. The Observatory urges the Egyptian government to take all necessary measures to apprehend the terrorists and hand them to justice so that they can be an example for anyone who attempts to violate the most sacred of all human rights and that is the right to life.

The attack started during Friday prayers when the terrorists detonated a bomb in the Sufi Mosque that led to the death and injury of many worshipers, and as the worshipers were attempting to flee the scene, four trucks loaded with gun men opened fire on them leading to even more fatalities and injuries in what can only be described as a text book massacare.

The terrorists also set fire to veihcles belonging to the worshipers near the Mosque, fired on ambulances to prevent them from saving the wounded and they cut the ring road that leads to the village.

The Observatory (EOHR&AFHR) express its deepest condolonces to the people of Egypt, and stresses that this barbaric attack violates the rights to life and freedom of faith which have been guranteed by the Universal Declaration for Human Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

The Observatory believes that the spread of terrorism on this scale threatens all of humanity, and menaces the notion of human rights. This obligates the international community to stand firm and united to face terrorism and defeat it.

The Observatory finally calls upon the Egyptian government to take all necessary measures to confront terrorism and protect the lives of its citizens in compliance with the principles of human rights. The Obesrvatory also urges the international community to take a firm stand against States sponsoring terrorism in any shape or form, and insists that States sponsoring terrorism should offer compensation to the families of the victims of terror.



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