EOHR demands the release of detained protesters

December 11th, 2017 by Editor


EOHR demands the release of detained protesters

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights expresses its deep concern regarding the arrest of a number of protesters during a demonstration organized in solidarity with Palestinians after Trump’s controversial decision in front of the Press syndicate in downtown Cairo last Thursday.

The General Prosecution office issued a 15 day temporary detention order against journalists Hossam Souaif and Ahmed Abdel Aziz after accusing them of being members of a media committee affiliated of with the Muslim Brotherhood. The prosecution also detained Islam Ashry, Sherif Abdel Moteleb and Nesrine Antar on the same account of case 977.

EOHR underlines the inalienable rights to peaceful assembly and freedom of expression guaranteed by article 73 of the Egyptian constitution as well as article 21 of the International Covenant for Civil and Political Rights and article 20 the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

EOHR has always held the current protest law in a very negative light and stresses that it falls short of respecting basic freedoms and human rights. The law gives security forces arbitrary powers to prevent and forcefully disperse peaceful demonstrations and even authorizes the use of birdshot ammo which can be lethal.  This draconian law also imposes exaggerated penalties for those who protest without obtaining a permit.

EOHR believes that this law seeks to stifle freedoms and obstruct the exercise of constitutional rights by Egyptian citizens despite the fact that the constitution upholds freedom of assembly which makes this law unconstitutional.

In the light of what has been said by multiple legal experts and human rights groups locally and internationally EOHR demands the following:

  • Immediate release of all individuals arrested under this law for exercising their constitutional rights
  • Amendment or replacement of the current law in accordance with the Egyptian constitution and international human rights law.

From his Side Dr. Hafez Abu Seada president of EOHR stated that the law collides directly with Egypt’s international human rights obligations that dictated by international human rights treaties and conventions that Egypt is party to.

Abu Seada added that the law should be amended so it can be in line with articles 73 and 93 of the 2014 constitution.






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