EOHR condemns the US veto of Egypt’s UNSC draft resolution on the status of Jerusalem

December 19th, 2017 by Editor


EOHR condemns the US veto of Egypt’s UNSC draft resolution on the status of Jerusalem

 The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) strongly condemns The United States of America abusing its veto powers to prevent a draft resolution submitted by the Egyptian government on the status of Jerusalem to the United Nations Security Council (UNSC)

This come weeks after the US administration decided to move their embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and recognize a unified Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. A decision that received worldwide condemnation due to historical realities and legal stipulations that consider East Jerusalem an occupied territory and falls out of the legitimate sovereignty of Israel.

EOHR sees that the US veto of the Egyptian draft resolution is but another form of US abuse of its legal UNSC privileges to grant legal impunity to Israel’s violation of Palestinian rights, and International Human Rights law which make the US complicit in these grave transgressions that do not belong to this day and age.

EOHR implores the government of Egypt and other Arab governments to take a collective firm stand against US policies that give political cover to Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestinian territories. EOHR sees that Arab governments should do more efforts to apply pressure on the international community and the United Nations so that prompt action can be taken to put an end to these brazen violations.

Dr. Hafez Abu Seada the president of EOHR stated that US policies are a violation of basic human rights guaranteed by international human rights treaties and conventions. Abu Sead added that the US government should understand their actions will be judged by history whose verdict will attest to US support of a vile occupation, and violation of Palestinian rights.


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