EOHR welcomes the establishment of a Human Rights department at the Prosecutor General’s office

December 24th, 2017 by Editor

EOHR welcomes the establishment of

a Human Rights department at the Prosecutor General’s office

 The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) views favorably the Prosecutor General’s decree establishing a human rights department at his office. The department’s main role will be to receive all human rights related legal complaints as well as examining and investigating foreign and domestic reports on the human rights situation in Egypt to verify any claims or information provided and holding any offender of human rights accountable in accordance with Egyptian law.

This decision was announced on December 21st 2017 during a press conference organized by Egypt’s State Information Service (SIS) in order to discuss the human rights situation in the country and how it is addressed by international organizations. The key speakers at the press conference were Dr. Diaa Rashwan the Chairman of SIS, Mr. Omar Marwan the minister of parliamentary affairs and representatives from both the Foreign Ministry and the Ministry of Justice.

EOHR believes that if this decree is implemented with commitment, along with the serious investigation of domestic and international reports on human rights abuses in Egypt it will be a deterrent that will aid in combating impunity and holding human rights offenders accountable for their crimes.

EOHR stresses that it’s important to actively vitalize the role of this new department through opening channels with civil society organizations in order to establish an efficient mechanism of receiving and processing complaints.

EOHR calls upon all state institutions with their executive, legislative and judicial branches to take all necessary measures to enhance and improve the human rights situation in Egypt so that the dignity and basic rights of every citizen can be guaranteed in accordance with the Egyptian constitution and international human rights law.

Dr. Hafez Abu Seada the president of EOHR said that this new approach at this stage requires starting off a new slate between Egyptian authorities and Egyptian civil society so that the latter may fulfil their roles. Abu Seada also demanded that in the context of these new developments all obstacles and constraints placed on human rights defenders and NGOs should be lifted starting with replacing the recent civil society legislation, as well as suspending case 173 as well as lifting all travel bans and unfreezing assets of human rights defenders on the account of this case.


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