EOHR responds to outrageous claims made by shady organizations based in Europe

February 25th, 2018 by Editor

EOHR responds to outrageous claims made by shady organizations based in Europe


The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) expresses its deep indignation regarding false and unfounded allegations made by a shady organization that goes by the name “Euroscope for Middle Eastern Affairs”. The shady organization’s website [1] has posted a number of articles that contains a string of baseless and needless to say ridiculous accusations against EOHR. These allegations echo accusations made by another shady organization called I UN Watch in September 2017. I UN Watch should not be confused with UN Watch which happens to be a respected organizationand I UN Watch apparently adopted a similar name to mislead the reader and give credence to their deception. Accusations against EOHR vary from abusing ECOSOC privileges to selling our services to receiving funds from the UAE and covering up human rights abuses in Egypt and other Arab countries. EOHR is one of the oldest Human Rights NGOs in Egypt and the Arab world. Founded in 1985 EOHR has been a vocal defender of human rights causes in Egypt and has paid a heavy price to remain strong, independent and faithful to the principles of justice. So, suggesting that EOHR will cover up or hide any human rights abuses it finds or sees is unthinkable and contradicts the reality of EOHR’s activities.


Allegations of Politicization


EOHR was accused “Euroscope” of receiving funds from the government of the UAE to tarnish the reputation of the state of Qatar, adding that our stances on the Qatari government are political and not human rights driven. Of course, this is not the case EOHR has detected serious violations of human rights by the State of Qatar which happens to be an absolutist hereditary monarchy that lacks the minimum degree of democracy and freedom. EOHR has paid particular attention to the case of the Al Ghofran clan which has been subjected to a sustained and prolonged wave of repression by the Qatari government. Thousands of Ghofranis have been forcefully displaced and expelled from Qatar and stripped of their citizenship since 1995. Even though EOHR is an Egypt based human rights NGO we are affiliated with several regional and international human rights organizations like the Arab Federation for Human Rights (AFHR) and the Arab Organization for Human Rights (AOHR) meaning that EOHR has a vested interest in cementing the universality of human rights and transnational cooperation between different human rights groups to pursue common aims. EOHR and AFHRwere approached by members of Al Ghofran tribe who have been subjected to relentless forms of repression by the Qatari government, and EOHR along with AFHR decided to adopt and defend the cause of the Ghofranis from both professional and moral standpoints. EOHR submitted a complaint against Qatar to the Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression and plans to submit even more complaints to different UN special rapporteurs and independent experts to publicize the plight of the Ghofranis and help them attain justice. EOHR staunchly opposes terrorism and views it as a great violation of human rights as it violates the rights to life, security, freedom of expression and freedom of religion. EOHR along with AFHR established the Terrorism Observatory which is based in Cairo. The Observatory documents acts of terrorism in Egypt and conducts research on counterterrorism and human rights. The Observatory has condemned Qatar due to its ties to movements and organizations that engage in acts of terrorism in Egypt. Qatar offers refuge to wanted leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood. Movements with ties to the Brotherhood like Hasm and Liwa’a Al Thawra have carried numerous acts of terrorism against security forces and civilians in Egypt killing and injuring hundreds. EOHR has taken it upon itself to condemn terrorist groups and their patrons and campaign against them since their actions constitute heinous violations of human rights.  EOHR’s focus on terrorism stems from the huge loss of life terrorism causes in Egypt, and EOHR views it as one of the most pressing challenges to human rights in Egypt and the Arab World therefor EOHR will proceed with its campaign against terrorist organizations and states who sponsor them in cooperation with a number of local and regional human rights groups. So, to suggest that EOHR campaigns against Qatar out of political motivation or corrupt dealings is silly and false and contradicts our history which validates our credentials beyond any accusations a shady unknown organization or website like Euroscope makes.

Allegations of Bribery

Regarding allegations of receiving funds from the UAE, Euroscope failed to provide evidence to prove these accusations.  EOHR would like to stress that it’s a registered NGO since 2003, and its budget is thoroughly monitored and reviewed by the Egyptian ministry of social solidarity. EOHR did not receive any funds since the year 2014 and this is supported by official documents unlike the baseless allegations made by Euroscope. These accusations of bribery and lack of integrity cannot go unanswered and EOHR reserves its right to take legal action against those who spread these false politically motivated allegations.

EOHR never covered up human rights allegations in Egypt and has always been one of the main defenders and advocates of the human rights causes in Egypt. Members of EOHR including Hafez Abu Seada the president of EOHR have been detained and prosecuted for defending human rights and revealing violations over the past 33 years. EOHR is a strong critic of human rights violations in Egypt regardless of whether they were committed by the State or non-state actors. EOHR ardently defends freedom of the press[2] in Egypt, and actively campaigns against torture and ill treatment of detainees. EOHR is also a strong supporter of democratization and has been a proponent in Egypt’s democratic movement since its inception.[3] EOHR adopts a constructive approach to human rights and prefers to engage in dialogue with the government to deal with human rights violations instead of total confrontation which has proven unfruitful and an unnecessarily dangerous in some cases. This approach in EOHR’s view is the most productive given the situation in Egypt and did bear fruits on the ground. For example, EOHR is a strong advocate of engaging international human rights organizations on both the state and civil society levels. Dr. Hafez Abu Seada’s appearances in local and international media outlets as president and spokesperson of EOHR has strongly advocated this engagement and has called upon the government on behalf of EOHR to investigate reports by international human rights organizations instead of refuting them and blocking their websites. EOHR’s calls did not go unheard and indeed the public prosecutor opened an investigation into the report on torture made by Human Rights Watch and established a special human rights unit to investigate human rights abuses.[4] This was thanks to EOHR’s campaigning and constructive approach. Hafez Abu Seada has also been instructed by EOHR to be the lawyer of Freedom House, and other international human rights groups that are on trial in Egypt’s infamous case 173 also known as the foreign funding case in the Egyptian media. EOHR is still considered a main source of reference when it comes to human rights in Egypt. Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and the UN committee on torture all used EOHR reports as sources in their latest reports in complete contradiction to the pathetic allegations made by Euroscope and others.

Allegations of Abusing ECOSOC Consultative Status

The shady organization accused EOHR of abusing privileges granted to it by its Consultative Status to help the UAE undermine the human rights council. Such a laughable accusation can easily be refuted because again, no evidence was provided. However, EOHR would like to stress that it never broke UN rules or regulations concerning NGO participation in UN sessions. EOHR has been an active participantin UN human rights council since 2006 and for 12 years we upheld all the rules. EOHR holds joint events with its partners both with and without Consultative Status to pursue common goals and tackle common agendas. This comes in full compliance with ECOSOC regulations and suggesting otherwise will either be out of ignorance or intent of deception.

In Conclusion EOHR attempted to contact this shady organization however their website does not provide an Email, a phone number or even a valid mailing address which puts the physical existence and actual motives of this organization into question. This organization and few others engage in whitewashing Qatar’s human rights record and are strongly working to deflect attention from the fact that Qatar is a major sponsor of international terrorism and abuses UN human rights instruments and mechanisms to further their geopolitical ambitions. This kind of behavior is deplorable and entities engaging in such activities have no place in the human rights community.





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