EOHR’s monitoring mission of the 2018 Egyptian Presidential Elections Day (2)

March 27th, 2018 by Editor

EOHR’s monitoring mission of the 2018 Egyptian Presidential Elections

Day (2)

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights found the second day of election very similar to the first just with a slightly lower turnout rate. The process went smoothly without any serious infraction however violations similar to the previous day persisted in several parts of the country.

Late opening of polling stations:

  1. In Asyut once more some polling stations opened late due to the tardiness of Judges presiding over them
  2. In Alexandria at the Burj Al Arab area station number 20 in Burj Al Arab primary school opened 20 minutes late due to the tardiness of the judge.

Illegal Campaigning:

  1. In New Cairo infront of Siza Nabrawy school a truck distributed calendars with Mr. Al Sisi’s picture on them, and in front of the same station stood girls wearing shirts with the presidents picture on them unopposed by law enforcement officials.
  2. In Al Minya Al Nour Party and Nation’s future party hung banners and posters supporting the president in front of several polling stations in clear violation of electoral silence.
  3. In Alexandria Al Nour Party members illegally campaigned for President Al Sisi.

Preventing EOHR Observers from access to several polling stations:

  1. In Damietta an EOHR observer was barred from entering polling stations 8 and 9 in Al Azharia School in Asaar by security forces.
  2. In Dakahlia an EOHR obsever was barred from entering polling stations 10 and 11 in the preparatory school by security forces.

EOHR also received disturbing reports that some employers forced employees to go vote for a certain candidate or face salary deductions or worse. One such case was documented by and EOHR observer in a polling station in New Maadi area where a voter asked the judge to sign a paper attesting that he voted to present to his employers at a steel factory, however the Judge denied his request and deemed it illegal. The voter requested from EOHR that his identity remains anynomyus.



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