The Counter-Terrorism Observatory condemns the terrorist attack in Sinai

February 16th, 2019 by Editor

The Counter-Terrorism Observatory condemns the terrorist   attack in Sinai

The Counter-Terrorism Observatory expresses its strong condemnation of the terrorist attack that targeted one of the security installations in North Sinai, which resulted in the death of an officer and injuring 14.
The military spokesman of the armed forces said that “terrorist group members (ISIS) have attacked a security installation in northern Sinai, however, the security forces have dealt with those members and engaged with them.”

He also declared that “the security forces managed to eliminate 7 members of Takfirin, and as a result of the exchange of fire, an officer was killed and 14 were injured.”
The observatory considers that the waves of terrorism targeting the people of this country are a gross violation of the human right to life, an indispensable right that has been guaranteed by the international human rights conventions which have stressed on its protection.
The observatory stresses that the continuation of such terrorist operations will only lead to a more insistence on the fight against terrorism and that extremist groups will not discourage the Egyptian State from its march to achieving the democratic transition sought and its hope of moving to the ranks of democratic States.
Moreover, the observatory demands that the Egyptian government and the Ministry of Interior should take all the necessary measures to speed up the arrest of the perpetrators of this terrorist attack and bring them to justice in order to punish them with the appropriate penalty.
For his part, Dr Hafez Abu Saeda, head of the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (Eohr), perceives terrorism as an expression of intellectual bankruptcy and inability to practice politics through the available legal means, which leads these perpetrators to terrorism.
Furthermore, Abu Saeda stressed on the need for uniting all the Egyptian people in order to confront and eliminate the terrorist group members, whether at the level of the government or civil society organizations or the people.
He also added that the Egyptian government must carry out all its duties to protect the country from the grip of terrorism, in accordance with the international resolutions from the UN Security Council and human rights council to combat terrorism.
He also stressed on the need for international cooperation in order to confront terrorism and the countries that support it, through providing funding, logistical support and security support to the leaders of the terrorist groups.

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