EOHR appeals to the President of the Republic not to ratify the ruling against the publisher of the novel “The Angel”.

February 24th, 2019 by Editor

  EOHR appeals to the President of the Republic not to ratify the ruling against the publisher of the novel “The Angel”.

The Military Court of Appeals confirmed on February 4, the imprisonment of the founder of the development center, Khaled Lutfi, for five years on charges of disclosing military secrets as he distributes the Arabic version of the Israeli book “The Angel: Ashraf Marwan”

The verdict was issued after Lotfi was charged with publishing false news and disclosing military secrets, by distributing the novel “The Angel” by Israeli author Yuri Bar Joseph.
The case dates back to 10 months when the owner of the publishing house ”Tanmia” published an Egyptian edition of the controversial book in cooperation with the original publisher the Lebanese “Arab Scientific publishers”.
“The Angel” is an Israeli novel alleging that the Egyptian businessman, Ashraf Marwan, was working as a double agent while the Egyptian view confirms that he was working as an adviser to the President Anwar ElSadat and was doing a patriotic work within the framework of the strategic deception of the October War. This novel was named after Ashraf Marwan’s nickname.

The organization appeals to the President of the Republic according to his mandates in non-ratification of the ruling against the publisher of the novel “The Angel” as the article 97 of the military provisions law no. 25 of 1966 stipulates that “the President of the Republic has the power to sign the ruling of the court or refer to one of the military commanders to sign it”, since the novel has been published in several countries. Furthermore, the freedom of publication is an essential part of the right to share information and seek knowledge that was stipulated in the international conventions ratified by the Egyptian state. Also it is considered as a domestic law in accordance with the provisions of Article 93 of the Constitution.[1]

[1] Article 93, Egypt’s Constitution of 2014, this article stipulates that: “The state is committed to the agreements, covenants, and international conventions of human rights that were ratified by Egypt. They have the force of law after publication in accordance with the specified circumstances.”

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