Results of following up the referendum on the constitutional amendments 2019, The Second Day.

April 21st, 2019 by Editor

Results of following up the referendum on the constitutional amendments 2019, The Second Day.

The Egyptians continued on Sunday 21/4/2019 the vote for the second day of the constitutional amendments, which started on Saturday morning April 20 and continues until Monday, April 22, according to the announcement of the National Election Authority headed by Chancellor Lashin Ibrahim, which called on Egyptian citizens to the referendum on constitutional amendments.

It is worth noting that the voting process for Egyptians abroad started on Friday 19 April and continues until Sunday 21 April. The voting process takes place in 140 polling stations in 124 countries where Egyptian missions are located abroad. In accordance with the regulations governing the voting process, the Egyptian missions will receive Egyptian citizens to vote in the referendum on April 19, 20 and 21, 2019, from 9 am to 9 pm local time.
The total number of public committees to vote on the referendum is 368 committees, including 10878 electoral centers, 13919 subcommittees, and there are 61,344,503 eligible voters.
The National Election Authority announced a few days ago to allow expatriates to vote in any committee, and also allocated special committees for expatriates in some areas such as the new administrative capital.
Moreover, the National Election Authority decided today to cancel the rest hour for the second and third days of the referendum on constitutional amendments scheduled on the third to four o’clock in the afternoon.
The referendum process took place amid a heavy security presence around the electoral committees to secure and organize the entry process. The humanitarian aspect was also taken into consideration, especially with the elderly and those with special needs.
The organization has noted the existence of some violations during the voting on the referendum on the constitutional amendments in Cairo governorate. The observer of the organization, in front of the King Saleh Secondary School for Boys has witnessed the presence of supporters of one of the parties wearing white T-shirts as propaganda for the referendum on the constitution.
In Alexandria, the observer of the organization has witnessed the presence of a number of leaders of one of the parties that carry large banners in front of some of the electoral committees such as the congregation of schools of Sidi Bishr, Al-Montaza 1 Department, calls on voters to vote “yes” to the constitutional amendments.
In the governorate of Assiut, the observer monitored in the vicinity of the schools of Al-Nasr Private Primary School, Al-Qusiya Secondary School for Boys, Mehran Khallaf Preparatory School for Girls in Al-Qusayyah Center, one of the NGOs with the participation of MPs distribute coupons to the voters. The name and telephone number of the voter shall be recorded and entered into a competition to win a television screen after 9:00 pm.
In Minya governorate, the organization’s observer noted that the mosques in the vicinity of the city of Abu Qurqas using loudspeakers have been urging citizens to participate in the referendum on the amendment of the Constitution.
The organization follows up the referendum process at the level of the governorates of Egypt through a coordinator from each governorate who receives feedback from observers in his governorate and informs the central operations room of the organization. These feedbacks are sent to the National Elections Authority immediately after receiving them. There is also a network of lawyers that provides legal support to all observers.

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