Editor in Chief of Mada Masr released on bail

May 17th, 2020 by Editor

The Maadi Prosecution Office released the Editor in chief of Mada Masr Lina Attallah after paying bail which amounted to 2000 EGP.

Attallah was arrested while conducting an interview with Laila Souif a political activist and the Mother of Alaa Abdelfattah infront of the Tora prison complex.
EOHR urges the cessation of such violations that seek to place restrictions on basic rights and freedoms stipulated by international human rights covenants and treaties as well as Egytian laws and the Egyptian constitution. EOHR further stresses the importance of protecting freedom of expression in Egypt bearing in mind that no society can move forward and develop without be being able to freely practice their basic rights and freedoms which include freedom of expression.

Dr. Hafez Abu Seada the President of EOHR said that the Editor in Chief of Mada Masr did not commit any offense and that journalism is not a crime

Abu Seada added that the arrest of Attallah is grave mistake and great violation of freedom of expression

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