EOHR urges the public prosecutor to make guarantees for the protection of the reputation of victims of sexual harassment and their families.

July 7th, 2020 by Editor

EOHR urges the public prosecutor to make guarantees for the protection of the reputation of victims of sexual harassment and their families. 

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) urges the Public Prosecutor to make more efforts to protect the reputation of girls who were subjected to sexual harassment during the proceedings of investigations. Victims and their families fear the risk of scandal and tarnishing of their honour and reputation due to such investigations and therefor the Public Prosecution must ensure secrecy and respect for privacy during such investigations in order for them to bear fruit.

A few days earlier a group of young women launched a social media campaign, to expose a young sexual abuser who also happens to be a former student of the American University in Cairo.

According to eyewitness accounts and the testimonies of victims, this young man tried to molest and rape more than 60 girls. Many of those girls have directed written accusations against this young man accusing him attempting to rape and harass them through threats and coercion. AUC reportedly expelled the young man for his abhorrent behaviour on campus.

The sexual abuser was arrested and investigated by the public prosecution, and was placed under preventive custody for 15 days pending investigations. He has been charged with attempted rape of two girls one of them was a minor, and sexually blackmailing others to forces them to involuntarily engage with him in a sexual relationship.

EOHR believes that paying serious attention to the issue of sexual harassment and assault is an important step that the Egyptian public was eagerly waiting for. EOHR also appreciates the role played by the National Council for Women in supporting victims of harassment and encouraging them to report these crimes to the Public Prosecutor.

For his part, Dr. Hafez Abu Seada, The President of EOHR, said that this case of sexual assault needs to be dealt with differently from any other cases being investigated, as it needs investigation procedures that are different from usual ones due to the sensitivity of these cases and their probable negative effect on the reputation of the victims and their families. Abu Seada expressed his confidence in The Public Prosecution’s ability to confront such crimes and provide real protection for women in Egypt.

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