EOHR issues a report on the threats foreign interventions pose on Human Rights in Libya

July 14th, 2020 by Editor

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) has watched carefully through its terrorism observatory the rapidly developing situation in Libya, especially that many of the terrorist attacks in Egypt came through the western border. Terrorist groups have established training camps on the Libyan city of Derna which has become a base from which attacks against Egypt were launched. EOHR has previously issued a thematic report in June 2019 titled Sinai under the guillotine of terrorism. The report monitored the establishment of terrorist camps through the cooperation of Muhammad Al Zawahiri and The Muslim Brotherhood.

The new report on Libya includes statistics issued by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights on the ongoing back and forth movement between Libya and Syria by Syrian mercenaries loyal to the Turkish regime. The SOHR noted the transfer of a new batch of Syrian mercenary fighters to Libya while other went back to Syria.

Thus, the number of Syrian mercenaries who went to the Libyan territories increased to about 16,100 “mercenaries” of whom about 5250 returned to Syria, while Turkey continues to bring in more “mercenary” fighter to its camps to offer them training.

The report includes the position of the United Nations on The situation in Libya. UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said “The conflict in Libya has entered a new stage, with foreign intervention reaching unprecedented levels, including in the delivery of sophisticated equipment and the number of mercenaries involved in the fighting.” The Secretary General also said that the military units of the Government of National Accord and through great foreign support pressed towards the east in its attack against the Libyan National Army, led by General Haftar. The Secretary General expressed his deep concern over the military buildup around the city of Sirte, as well as from the large level of direct foreign intervention.

In its report, the UN team in Libya called on the parties to the conflict in Libya and the countries that support it, to immediately stop the recruitment, financing and deployment of mercenaries and relevant actors to maintain the continuation of hostilities. He pointed out that the deployment of mercenaries in Libya only increases the number of armed groups and other actors operating in the context of impunity. The team referred to reports that Turkey has been involved in large-scale recruitment and transportation of Syrian fighters to take part in hostilities to support the national reconciliation government.

The report contained a set of recommendations including

  • Criminalization of terrorist financing
  • Working without delay to freeze any funds related to persons involved in business.
  • A ban on providing safe haven, means of support, or support for terrorists.
  • Refrain from providing any form of financial support to terrorist groups.
  • Sharing information with other governments regarding any groups that commit or plan to commit terrorist acts, implement effective measures to control borders.

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