The Egyptian organization issues a report Entitled (Elections Under the Corona Pandemic)

September 21st, 2020 by Editor

Today, Monday, September 21, 2020, the Egyptian Organization for Human
Rights (EOHR) issued a report entitled “Elections Under the Corona Pandemic”
documenting the results from monitoring the senate elections. The
introduction of the report notes the importance of hosting ree and fair
elections, as it is an important pillar of the democratic process.
Civil society organizations, including the EOHR, attach importance to election
monitoring of all violations uring the electoral process. Organizations like EOHR
are not aligned with any political activity, political party, or electoral candidate.
Rather, the EOHR strictly monitors elections to ensure that they are free and
fair and ensures that both the ruling party and the opposition parties abide by
the constitution, the laws, and the international standard for human rights. As
such, the EOHR’s role in monitoring elections is not considered political work,
but is non-partisan legal work and is one of its core activities.
The EOHR’s report, “Elections Under the Corona Pandemic” documents the
election monitoring operation for the senate elections. The report is divided
into the following sections:
First: The legislative environment for the Senate elections.
Second: Provisions for voting by mail and ensuring the anonymity of voters
from Egyptians living abroad.
Third: Judicial oversight of the elections.
Forth: The division of the electoral stations and health guarantees under
Fifth: Analysis of voter demographics
Sixth: Organizing electoral monitoring locally and internationally
Seventh: Analysis of data on electoral stations
Eighth: The votes
The report ended with the following recommendations:
A fair analysis of the senate elections calls for examining several positive points
as well as points of weakness. The purpose of this analysis is not to point out
flaws, but rather to warn of repeated violations. Within this context, the
organization is calling for a set of recommendations, which came mainly as a
result of the organization’s involvement in monitoring work over the past

  1. Promoting the idea of political participation among the various segments
    of citizens is essential. Seeing participation as one of the main pillars on
    which democracy is based, it is important to intensify political awareness
    programs for citizens by organizing seminars, discussion sessions, or
    allocating television programs with the same goal.
  2. It is crucial to introduce the procedures for casting a vote, as it was
    apparent that voters had a limited understanding of the voting process.
    There were two separate papers and two separate voting systems, and
    this led to several invalid votes.
  3. Benefiting from digital technology in the election of Egyptian abroad
  • Registration
  • View candidates profiles and CVs especially in the Plurality voting
  • Voting through the mail without reaching the diplomatic mission’s
  1. The Important role of mass media in raising awareness and motivating
    people to participate as it is a right and a national duty for everyone who
    meets the conditions for political participation.
  2. Senate elections is a vital constitutional entitlement as citizens should
    have a general awareness of its role and the importance of participation.
    Citizens must have wide knowledge of the functions and specialization of
    this council and its potential impact in Egypt

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