The Egyptian Organisation for Human Rights’ Campaign against Bullying

October 4th, 2020 by Editor

The Egyptian Organisation for Human Rights launches its campaign against bullying, asking the public prosecutor to take all the possible and decisive measures to face the bullying crimes and to work to reduce the spread of that hateful phenomenon. which is threatening the values and principles on which society is based. as it’s considered to be an obstacle to the right to live a safe and dignified life free from any manifestations of violence and hatred.

As bullying is a form of abuse and victimization directed by an individual or group towards another individual or group that is weaker (often physically). Bullying is a repetitive act over time that involves an imbalance (may be real or perceived) in the balance of power with respect to the child with the greatest strength or with respect to a group attacking another group of lesser strength. Bullying usually takes different forms. It may be verbal, physical, or even gestures, and bullying can be through actual harassment, physical assault, or other methods of coercion.

The campaign has been launched in conjunction with the frequent and rapid perpetration of numerous bullying crimes, The organization monitored (15) cases of bullying in the recent period, the most recent of which was the exploitation of two children under five years old by a woman. She made them forcibly serving her, exploiting their weakness, with the intent to put them at the site of ridicule and bullying against them, endangering their health and their lives, and thus violating family principles and values in Egyptian society, violating the sanctity of their private life, and using a private account on a social networking site to commit these crimes.

The Public Prosecution statement stated that the Monitoring and Analysis Unit in the Statement Department at the Public Prosecutor’s Office had monitored the circulation of video clips of the two children during which the voice of a woman was heard ordering one of them to wash her feet, and to wash his face with the water that she puts her feet in, and order the other to smoke a cigarette, mocking them during filming, and presenting the matter to The Public Prosecutor ordered the investigation into the incident.

The Public Prosecutor recently referred approximately (18) cases of bullying for investigation, to prevent such crime that violates the right of human dignity.

The organization believes that bullying is contrary to all international conventions and treaties that call for refuting all forms of discrimination, combating violence and achieving justice and social peace in society, the most important of which is what was stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in its first article: “All people are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience, and they must treat each other in a spirit of brotherhood. ”This is in addition to what was stated in the provisions of the Egyptian constitution in Article 52 of it:“ Dignity is a right for every human being, and it is not permissible to violate it, and the state is obligated to respect and protect it. ”

In addition, the House of Representatives, headed by Dr. Ali Abdel-All – willing to confront the crimes of bullying – approved the draft law submitted by the government to amend some provisions of the penal code as a whole. The draft law was consistent with the provisions of the constitution, especially Articles (8, 53, 80, 81) from it, and it also comes in line with the international conventions that Egypt has acceded to regarding achieving equality, especially the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The first article of the draft law stipulated that: “The article included adding a new article to the Penal Code No. (309 bis“ b), which provided a definition of bullying as the offender demonstrated his power or control, or his exploitation of the victim’s weakness, or a situation that the perpetrator believes is offensive to the victim, such as sex. Or race, religion, physical descriptions, health status, mental status, or social level, with the intention of intimidating him, or putting him into a mockery, demeaning him or excluding him from his surroundings, and the purpose of the last intention is to confront the conditions of the victim’s marginalization or lack of promotion in their work.

The added article determines the punishment that is to be imposed if the crime of bullying is committed, while increasing it if one of the two circumstances is present. One of them is the occurrence of the crime by two or more persons, and the other is if the perpetrator is one of the assets of the victim, or one of those responsible for his upbringing or observation, or someone who has authority over him or was recognized by the law or according to a court ruling, or he was a servant of the perpetrator, with doubling the minimum penalty when meeting The two circumstances, and in the case of recidivism, the penalty is doubled in its minimum and maximum limits.

As for the second article, it stipulated that the law should be published in the official gazette, and it will be enforced from the day following the date of its publication.

Campaign Mechanisms:

  1. The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights will receive complaints of bullying crimes and analyze them to verify their facts.
  2. The organization will submit these complaints to the Public Prosecutor; In order to investigate them and take the necessary measures to adjudicate them.
  3. The organization will provide legal and psychological assistance to victims of bullying crimes, and provide the necessary support to work to overcome it.

For his part, Dr. Hafez Abu Saada – President of the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights – stressed that bullying is a gross violation of a human right, and a legal and legislative environment must be prepared for the necessity of investigating bullying crimes and punishing the perpetrators of these crimes. This is to limit its spread as a pest that affects society as a whole.

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