Campaign against sexual violence in Egypt

October 6th, 2020 by Editor

The Egyptain organization for human rights has issued its report regarding the increasing rate of sexual physical violence in Egypt.

Recently the Egyptain society has witnessed a number of human rights issues that occupied the Egypatin public opnion, and at the forefront of such issues is the sexual violence aganist women, whose rates have increased lately.

This report comes within the framework of An organized campaign led by the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights that aims at reduce violence in general and sexual violence in particular.

The report referred in the beginning to the multiple forms and types that violence can take, as well as the scientific methodology that the report relied upon in studying the phenomena.

The report included five main sections through which it shed light on the phenomenon of sexual violence in Egyptian society. The first section of the report deals with laws and legislations that criminalize sexual violence, through examining Egyptian legislation and laws that aim at criminalizing and reducing violence as well as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the declaration of elimination of all forms of violence against women, the United Nations and the statements of the Secretary-General of it and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.

The second section includes the role of civil society institutions in reducing the phenomenon of sexual violence, in which it referred to the role of civil society initiatives in reducing this phenomenon and its mechanism, and the extent of the real effectiveness of these institutions in dealing with the issues of sexual violence, the report also referered to the role of the National Council for Women, as well as the various activities and events that confront violence agnist women.

The third section discusses the role of the national institutions in fighting sexual violence, through discussing the role of the Public Prosecutor in confronting violence and in monitoring, tracking and achieving prompt justice, as well as his role in preserving the values of the Egyptian society. The report also referred to the role of the Egyptian police, which plays an effective role in fighting the phenomenon of sexual harassment and the various types of violence against women, especially that the police is considered the first source that the victim can seek assistance from. The report also refrered to the role that the central agency for public mobilization and statistics plays in highliting these incidents and bring it out to the public opnioin in the form of statistics that serve the decision-maker and civil society in focusing its efforts for a producing an effective roles in addressing domestic and sexual violence as well as violence in the public sphere.

The last section was concluded by shedding light on real cases of sexual violence in Egypt, as this issue occupied a wide space in the Egyptian public opinion. Despite all of the burdens related to economic and social problems and the wide efforts led by the state and the society together in fighting against the pandemic of COVID19, this did not distracted the society from denouncing these practices that violates the Egyptian human right, that the Egyptian society still believes in its depths in equality and cracking this faith From time to time, factors related to the outside are more related to the inside
The report concluded with a number of recommendations that aims at removing obstacles in the way to justice and also in order to be discussed with the competent authorities and other concerned parties, as follows:

  1. The necessary and appropriate protection should be provided to the survivors during and after the various stages of the investigation, and the survivors should be protected during and after the release of the report of the assault by filing a counter report by the perpetrator.
  2. Creation of specialized agencies to investigate crimes of sexual violence, so they can quickly investigate in this kind of crimes related to sexual violence.
  3. Review and amend personal status legislation to ensure that women and men have equal family rights, including marriage, divorce, child custody, and inheritance.
  4. Call on all political and religious leaders to publicly condemn violence against women, including all forms of sexual violence.
  5. Preparing an appropriate legal and legislative environment for women to achieve legal protection against sexual violence directed at women and girls and in accordance with human rights principles and sustainable development goals.

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