Press Release on the Presidential Pardon of 2081 inmates

October 7th, 2020 by Editor

The Egyptian Organization has received the news of the release of 2,081 inmates per the presidential decision No. 553 of 2020. The decision pardoned some of the inmates from the remainder of their sentence if they fulfilled the conditions of pardon, as well as the regulation of the Prison’s law concerning on the occasion of the celebration of the Armed Forces Day on 6th of October of 2020.
The Egyptian Public Prosecution has decided to release 68 children who were accused in Case No. 880 of 2020, against the backdrop of the recent September demonstrations, while advising their parents to take good care of them and to forbid them from committing such acts in the future. These measures are intended to protect children from harm that may occur during a protest in accordance with the laws on children’s rights.

In the same context, the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights calls for the release of those who were arrested against the backdrop of the same case referred above and were not found guilty of any violence or bloodshed crimes. The organization also stressed the need that all the accused be subjected to fair trials and laws that preserve their rights that are guaranteed by international laws and charters.

For his part, Dr. Abu Seada – head of the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights – stressed the need to release those who were arrested in the previously mentioned demonstrations, and the need to limit resort to pretrial detention except for serious crimes. He also stressed the need to reduce the burdens of the citizens and provide the necessary frameworks that preserve their rights and freedoms.

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