First report: The second day – Monitoring the Electoral Process of Parliamentary Elections 2020 in the First Phase

October 25th, 2020 by Editor

(Medium Participation Rate – Along with Some Violations)

The second day electoral process for the first phase of the Parliamentary elections, began this morning, Sunday 10/25/2020 at nine o’clock in the morning and will end at exactly nine o’clock in the evening. The electoral process for the Egyptian Parliament elections was inaugurated under full judicial supervision. There were no irregularities within the polling stations. There was a strong emphasis from polling station supervisors on the precautionary measures and following the administrative procedures set by the National Elections Authority.

33,472,000 Egyptian citizens will cast their electoral votes in the first phase. The National Elections Authority identified the first phase in the (14) governorates’ districts: Giza, Fayoum, Beni Suef, Minya, Assiut, New Valley, Sohag, Qena, Luxor, Aswan, the Red Sea, Alexandria, Beheira, Matrouh. These voters will be distributed across 10,240 polling stations to elect 284 members of parliament through the individual and lists systems. Each polling station is supervised by a judge.

The next Parliament will consist of 284 members from the “absolute closed lists”, and 284 independent candidates for a total of 568 elected representative. The parliament will include 142 women amounting to 25% of the Parliament. The President of the Republic will also appoint 28 deputies, including 7 women to make up 5 % of the parliament. This will bring the total number of representatives to 596 members.

Electoral Violations on the Second Day of Parliamentary Elections:

The organization’s observers detected a range of electoral irregularities in some polling stations, starting from nine o’clock in the morning until eleven o’clock in the morning. These irregularities are represented in the widespread appearance of political money in the electoral arena, the failure of the candidates or their representatives to abide by the electoral silence issued by the decision of the National Elections Authority and the delay in opening some electoral committees. As for the attendance rate, the electoral commissions witnessed a relatively weak attendance rate compared to yesterday, with a higher turnout of women and elderly citizens.

Violations of late opening of electoral commissions:

 Assiut Governorate:

  • In polling station No. 167 located in Ezbet Murad Elementary Joint School, Al-Qusiya Center, the polling station supervisor stopped the voting at 9:14 AM on the condition that masks be provided for the voters before entering the polling station. The polling station was reopened at 9:40 AM when the Mostakbal Watan party provided masks for the voters.
  • The organization monitored the delay in opening polling stations No. 315, 316 and 317 located at Gamal Abdel Nasser Official Language School in Manfalut Center at 9.16 AM, when the three supervisors arrived at the school at 9:12 AM.
  • The organization received notice from the Assiut Governorate Operations Roo of a number of violations. 8 polling stations in the cities of Assiut, Sadfa, and Al-Ghanayem, and a polling station for the Assiut district and another in the Badari districted were delayed in opening by a range of 10 minutes to a quarter of an hour.

Violations of the electoral propaganda:

Giza Governorate:

  • The organization monitored the opening of the polling stations of the Warraq, Bashtil and Osim constituencies for the citizens at exactly nine o’clock in the morning to complete the voting process on the second day of the House of Representatives elections 2020, and the tight security measures and the intensive presence of the Egyptian police in front of the committees continued.
  • The organization monitored a deployment of candidate representatives in front of the Bulaq Dakrur committees in the second day of the parliament elections.

Assiut Governorate:

  • The organization detected the presence of youth directing and extracting numbers for voters with a copy of the electoral card in front of polling stations No. 315, 316 and 317 based in the Gamal Abdel Nasser Al rasmaya Language School, as well as distributing vouchers to the voters.
  • The organization spotted a taxi that is used to transfer voters in favor of one of the candidates in front of the polling station No. 328 and 329 located in Al-Nasr Primary School for Girls in Falih.

Fayoum Governorate:

  • The organization spotted cars with a picture of one of the candidates of the “ُEgyptain democratic Party”  and “Homat al watan” party that are used to transfer voters in front of  the polling stations  of Sanoras and Tamiya,

Minya Governorate:

  • The organization spotted two candidates that were making electoral propaganda in front of  the polling station No. 155 in the Military High School, they were also providing mass transportation for voters in private cars.
  • In the Maghagha, the village of Bani Al-Lamss, the organization spotted  electoral propaganda for the candidate of “Watan Future Party”  infront of the polling stations

Alexandria Governorate:

  • The organization detected  the arrestment of a young man at midnight yesterday, while he was filming an altercation between the police and a candidate due to the distribution of coupons in front of Al-Marwa Primary School in Karmouz. The young man faced charges of  resisting the authorities in the Karmouz section, and his phone was destroyed by the police officers mobile phone, and he is not released up till now.

Voter’s Turnout:

Marsa Matrouh Governorate:

  • The organization spotted a limited number of voters, most of them were women, infront of  Zahir Jalal polling station in Marsa Matrouh.


  • The organization spotted low youth participation in Giza.
  • The organization observed a heavy presence of women in the polling station of martyr Atef Sadat in Giza.

Luxor Governorate:

  • The organization observed a high turnout in the polling station of “Darsat Al-Zainia and Al-Aishia”  in Luxor.

Beheira Governorate:

  • The organization observed a strong participation of elderly in the voting process.

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